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More from our Readers:

Thank you so very much for writing your book.  I’m enjoying reading a few pages each day.  It’s my inspiration for the beginning of each new day.

Thanks so very very much!

...Donna Cross

Zane Grey gave us the Code of The West. Dakota Livesay brought it into the 21st century through his "Living The Code" book. The principles he presents challenge the reader to make a better life for himself and others by following them. A very worthwhile read.

...Gordon Eaton



From our Readers:


Working at a radio station I get to hear a lot of things, which sometimes goes in one ear and out the other, but Chronicle of The Old West has enlightened my knowledge of the old west.

History is not taught in school anymore and what a shame because that is the living that has shaped a lot of us.

Your Living The Code book is very interesting to read and one that is hard to put down once you open the cover. I truly encourage people to order a copy of this book and learn that we should never let someone's opinion of us destroy the belief we have in who we are.

This would make a great graduation gift.

...Kathy Limberg
St Gary, SD

"Outstanding book. I really could not put it down. Thank you for your time and effort.

Family members are lining up to read it now.

Already subscribed to your newspaper and look forward to each edition.

Would love to have your Living the Code certificate to hang on the wall.

And yes I will strive to follow the code."

...Bill Shoemaker
Shoefly Ranch

"Just finished your book, it was really great! I really liked the part about interrupting people in a conversation, something I gotta work on.

I think you should be publicized as the 'Old West Tony Robbins'! You did a great job, quite an accomplishment."

...Scott Franklin


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Living the Code Foundation: An Overview

When I was five years of age, I received a black-and-white glossy photo of Roy Rogers and Trigger with Roy's autograph and the inscription, "To Chipper, Always be good for Roy Rogers and Trigger." 

I still have that photograph and it still hangs in a prominent place in my home along with my Living the Code commitment.  That picture of Roy and Trigger mean something to me.  Roy, along with Hoppy and the Lone Ranger, were my boyhood heroes. 

Fifty-eight years later, I'm proud to say they still are.  These heroes had standards – a code, if you will, that set them apart from those who would be less than ethical in their dealings with others.

Sadly, many of today's so-called "heroes" have fallen short of the mark set by the heroes of my youth.

Your book is right on the mark!  If everyone lived those simple principles outlined in the book – principles that grounded the lives of our early pioneers, we wouldn't need locksmiths, lawyers, or lawmen.

...Chip Cannon

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